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UAE market analysis

Investors, who want to open a company in the Emirates might be concerned about whether they will be able to properly build business processes, organize labor relations with partners, suppliers, and customers, talk to them, retain demand for the product/service, and what will be the average check.

It is when the market analysis is required.

It all depends on the area of the business. To order a market analysis, one will need a properly written term of reference for contractors. For example:

• Objects/areas/locationsofproducts (services)
• A descriptionofyourproducts (services) inyourtermsofreference
• TargetAudience:
• Localdistributorcompanies.

1) Leading global brands (attach a list of brands you are interested in)
2) Other professional brands.

• Suppliers of your products A
• Suppliers of your products B

Define and spell out in the research assignment its objectives/desired output information:

The purpose of the research:

1. Identification of potential customers – local distributors of the products and to find out as much information about the mass possible:
1) Decision makers, making purchasing decisions.
2) Generalcontactinformation: mail, website.
3) Generalinformation: inwhatyearisitregistered, fromwhatyeardoesitoperate, aretherewarehouses, howmanyemployees, annualturnoverin USD, AED. Informationaboutthefounders.
4) Howtheyarecurrentlybuyingsimilarproducts
5) fromwhomtheybuy
6) atwhatprices (ifyoucan, thisinformationisusuallynotgiven)
7) whatpaymentterms
8) whatarethetermsofdelivery

Meetingsorganizationwithpotentialbuyers (a tripontheresultsofthestudy, thetiming).
Such research will help in saving hundreds of thousands of Dirhams before one will make the final decision to open a company in the UAE.

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