About Pravo Management Consultancies LLC

We work in the following areas: assistance in opening, developing and operating a business, we also take into account all legal aspects of the UAE legislation when working with clients

We combine two goals – solving difficult issues and helping people. Our strength lies in the combination of these goals.
We cooperate with the best lawyers of the UAE, who represent the client’s interests in court, prosecutor’s office and other state legal bodies in the UAE.
Director of the company, M.V. Moskaleva is a member of the International Association of Russian Speaking Lawyers (MARA)

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Our Professional Team

Marina Moskaleva
General director
Ruth Dacwag
Yuri Moskalev
Chief of Marketing
Abdul Aziz
Account Manager
Czermaine Tesoro
Operations manager
Amir Masood
Larisa Moskaleva
Business Coordinator
Symbat Utenova
Business development
Egor Ermakov
Chief Technical officer
Ilias Duvanaev
Business development
Dmitry Lepeyko
Head of Digital Marketing

Looking for a problem-solver in UAE?

We welcome and celebrate different perspectives to help our firm, our clients and our people.