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The UAE Green Visa, a novel residence permit introduced by the Government in 2022, aims to enhance the appeal of the UAE for highly skilled professionals. This visa is tailored to attract global top talents, enticing them to establish long-term roots in the UAE. It offers a unique opportunity for individuals aspiring to set their footprint in the United Arab Emirates, granting a five-year residency without the need for employer sponsorship and enabling family sponsorship. While colloquially referred to as the UAE Silver Visa, it is not its official title.

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    Benefits of UAE Green Visa

    The UAE Green Visa presents a host of benefits for individuals who secure it, rendering it an appealing choice for those seeking to reside and work in the United Arab Emirates. Here are several key advantages of possessing a UAE Green Visa:

    1. Independent living and employment: The UAE Green Visa offers a significant advantage by enabling individuals to reside and work in the UAE independently, without relying on employer sponsorship. This freedom grants individuals increased flexibility and autonomy in their professional pursuits, liberating them from the constraints of a fixed job or employer.
    2. Family sponsorship: Obtain a UAE Green Visa to not only sponsor your family members but also allow them to reside with you in the UAE.
    3. Long validity period: The UAE Green Visa, valid for 5 years, offers individuals and their families a sense of stability and security. This extended duration supports long-term planning and eases the process of integrating into UAE society.

    Who is eligible for a Green Visa in UAE?

    The Green Visa welcomes freelancers, self-employed individuals, and skilled employees who meet the specified criteria.

    Freelancers and self-employed

    For freelancers and self-employed individuals seeking a Green Visa, the necessary documentation includes:

    – A freelance or self-employment permit issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

    – Proof of a bachelor’s degree or specialized diploma.

    – Verification of self-employment income for the past two years, amounting to a minimum of AED 360,000. Alternatively, you can demonstrate financial stability for your stay in the UAE.

    Skilled employees

    Skilled employees seeking a Green Visa must meet the following prerequisites:

    – Possession of a valid employment contract.

    – Categorized within the first, second, or third occupational level as designated by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

    – Possession of at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

    – A minimum monthly salary of AED 15,000.

    Investors or partners

    To be eligible for the UAE Green Visa, applicants in this category need to:

    – Obtain approval from the local government for investment activities.

    – Provide evidence of an investment, with a minimum amount of $270,000.

    Required documents for the UAE Green Visa

    Applying for a UAE Green Visa is a streamlined process. To begin, candidates are required to provide the following documentation to the UAE authorities:

    – A duly filled application form

    – A photocopy of their passport

    – Copies of their educational credentials

    – A duplicate of their employment agreement (applicable to highly skilled individuals)

    – A copy of their salary statement (applicable to highly skilled individuals)

    – A medical attestation

    – A police clearance certificate

    UAE Green Visa Cost

    UAE Green Visa cost in 2024 is AED 5,260, including:

    • Entry Permit – 1,035 AED
    • Residency Visa – 2,200 AED
    • Change of Status – 570 AED
    • Medical Checkup – 755 AED 
    • Emirates ID – 700 AED

    Green Visa FAQ

    Certainly, you have the opportunity to sponsor your direct family members, including your spouse, sons under 25 years old, and unmarried daughters of any age.

    Renewal or extension options for Green visas depend on the specific visa category and the individual’s circumstances. Some categories may allow for renewal or extension, while others may require reapplication or transitioning to a different visa category. It’s essential to review the renewal criteria and follow the necessary procedures before the visa expiration to maintain legal status in the UAE.

    The UAE Green Visa fees amount to AED 240. Applying from within the UAE incurs an additional charge of AED 500.

    You and your family have the option to remain in the country for up to 6 months following the cancellation or expiration of your Green Visas. You have the convenience of renewing your visas within this timeframe under the existing terms.

    One of the key differences between the UAE Green Visa and other types of visas, such as employment or work visas, is the sponsorship requirement. Unlike employment visas, which rely on sponsorship from an employer and usually have a validity period of 2 years, the UAE Green Visa does not require sponsorship and offers a longer validity period of 5 years. This distinction provides individuals with greater independence and flexibility in their residency status, as they are not tied to a specific employer. As a result, the Green Visa is particularly attractive to professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, and their families who seek to live and work in the UAE on their terms.

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