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Notary services UAE

Legalization and attesting documents in UAE are to be done in Government Notaries and Consulates.

Work with documents of individuals.

Examples are birth and marriage certificates, degree certificates, wills, etc. If they were issued outside the UAE and needs to be used in UAE, they must undergo the following procedure:

Process of Notarization of the document

• If the document is issued in a different language, it is translated into English or Arabic – two languages of notarized translation;
• It undergoes Attestation in the Ministry of Justice;
• Attestation in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country. To be made in a country of origin of the document;
• Attestation in the consulate of UAE;

In the case of the legalization of education certificates, after legalization by the Ministry of Justice, one needs to attest it in the Ministry of Education.

The standard procedure of legalization consists of several steps:

• Legalized translation of a document in English (if a document is issued only in Arabic).
• The translation, mentioned above, must be legalized in the country of origin of the document, different for each type of the document (birth certificate — in Ministry of Health, education certificate — in Ministry of Education).
• Document and translation are legalized in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE.
• Document and legalized translation are attested in a Consulate of the assigned country of use of the document.

The work with documents of legal entities

Those are registration certificates, excerpts from the register, license, etc. If they were issued outside the UAE and needs to be used in UAE, they must undergo the following procedure:
• Notarization;
• If issued in a different language, the document needs to undergo Notarized translation into English or Arabic;
• Attestation in Ministry of Justice (for some countries);
• Attestation in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of document’s country of origin;
• Attestation in the Consulate of UAE;
• Legalization of documents, issued on UAE territory, for use outside UAE.

Legalization depends on the government department of the UAE, which has registered this legal entity. The rest of the steps are standard:

• Issuing certified copy of a document:
• International companies, and companies in Mainland — register of international companies. A copy might be received only when requesting a registration agent.
• Free Zone onshore companies — registering department of a corresponding Free Zone
• Companies with a local partner— in Economic Department of a correspondent Emirate or in Government Notary.
• Legalization of certified copy in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE.
• Legalization of certified copy in a consulate of the assigned country.

Documents, registered in Government Notary:

• Agreements;
• Incorporation Agreement when registering legal entity;
• Agreements when buying and purchasing shares of a legal entity;
• Termination of Incorporation Agreement;
• Agreement with a local agent;
• Termination of Agreement with a local agent;
• Adding a partner, founder, director in Incorporation Agreement;
• Marine craft sale-purchase agreement;
• Commercial shop sale-purchase agreement;
• Job offer;

We also can legalize for you:

• Signature attestation;
• Marine craft selling declaration;
• Declaration to the foreign citizens’ department;
• Closing of complaint;
• Acknowledgment of Debt;
• Intellectual property declaration;
• Notification about cancellation;

Power of Attorneys:

• General Power of Attorney (POA);
• General POA for sale-purchase of property;
• POA for company formation;
• POA for lawyers for representing a client in the Court;
• Wills;
• POA for registering a trademark;
• POA for liquidation of a company;

Drafting the notarial documents for transferring real estate ownership

Drafting of legal acts service consists of transferring the ownership of real-estate from one person to another through encumbrance or bail.

The process consists of two stages:

• The work on Agreement on mutually beneficial terms.
• Regulation and transferring the real-estate.

Work with Commercial Agreements

• The work on Agreement and discussion of tasks, conditions, and structure.
• Analysis of parties, and their obligations and responsibilities, rights, deadlines, and legal responsibility.

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