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A Public Relations Officer, also known as a Government Liaison Officer, plays a critical role in the formation and operation of companies in the UAE. They handle all documentation, including government paperwork and legal documents. 

Company registration in Dubai requires compliance with legal procedures, which our experienced consultants expedite through high-quality PRO services. These services cover an array of employee-oriented and formation-related tasks. 

With our consultants’ expertise and professionalism, bureaucracy is not a hindrance to business operations in the UAE.

If want to establish and manage your company formalities successfully, turn to expert business consultants. At Pravo, we deliver professional PRO services in Dubai, serving as your ultimate public-relations partner. By guiding you with various government-related tasks—from documentation clearing to visa and business procedures—we help you through every stage of your business. 

Our experts possess extensive knowledge about all government rules and legal procedures required to deliver the best PRO services in the UAE. We are equipped for providing assistance with company formation, license acquisition, and other PR services in the Mainland and Free Zones. Our services cater to start-ups and established businesses alike, supporting and guiding entrepreneurs across various zones. 

At Pravo, we understand the requirements of your business and provide competent PRO services that comply with all regulatory requirements. Our professionals work closely with the officials of the Dubai government and ministries to make your PRO activities simple and hassle-free. 

Partner with Pravo today and let our team of Management PROs handle all your business formalities!

Best PRO services in UAE

We are committed to supporting you every step of the way on your entrepreneurial journey! Our team is here to help guide you through the various legal procedures required by the Department of Economic Development (DED), as well as assist with business setup, license renewals, visas, agreements, and any immigration-related requirements. At PRO, our goal is to ensure that your business launches successfully and continues to operate seamlessly as you grow and succeed. Let’s make your business dreams a reality! 

What makes Pravo PRO services necessary for business investors in Dubai?

Here are some of the key pointers that illustrate the need for PRO services in Dubai:

    • It’s important to keep track of company registration, licensing, permits, and payments. Regular monitoring and updates are necessary to ensure compliance with regulations and avoid penalties. 
    • For a company to receive approval from judicial systems, legal structures and government agencies, it must demonstrate compliance with regulations and guidelines, and ensure ethical business practices are in place.
    • The need to appear before the local authorities and obtain the company’s business license. Also, to take care of the permit applications and renewal of the concerning licenses. 
    • You’ll also need PRO services in the UAE to signify the requirements of the Immigration & Labor Department for the company and to process and obtain related documents. 
    • To obtain labor approval in Dubai, several documents need to be procured including an entry permit, employment visa, labor card and labor contract. Additionally, services such as residence visa application and document clearing may be required.
    • The need to build and retain a virtuous working relationship with local and national government offices. 
      In order for your company or business to stay fully informed and knowledgeable about governmental protocols and instructions, it’s crucial to prioritize proactive awareness.
    • The best PRO services in Dubai by Pravo assist you in monitoring the ministerial directives and instructions from the concerned legislation and reporting them to the respective departments. 
    • To maintain the company’s authorized stamps, official governmental letters, and all the certified letters sent to the Government. 
    • In order to obtain certification and meet official standards, various payments (such as to DEWA, Abu Dhabi distribution, Al Madina Real Estate, Etisalat, Du, etc.) must be made in coordination for obtaining the Certificate of Origin/Attestation.

Our PRO services in UAE are:

  • Certificates attestation
  • Municipality work and approvals
  • Legal and regular translation
  • Visa processing and renewal
  • UAE business licensing
  • Dubai Economic Department work and approvals
  • Filing for government approvals and obtaining No-Objection Certificates (NOC) from government ministries
  • Processing Company Immigration Card and Labour Card
  • Applying for Ejari (commercial and residential tenancy contract)
  • Chamber of commerce work and approvals
  • Attesting import/export and other legal documents through a public notary
  • Assistance with import/export
  • Embassy work and approvals
  • Trade name reservation
  • Trademark and copyright reservation
  • Work with Immigration, Labour, and other government departments

PRO services FAQ

PRO in the UAE stands for Public Relations Officer, and their services are essential for businesses to comply with the region’s various employment and business laws. With the best corporate PRO services from Pravo Management Consultancies in Dubai, you can put your worries over labor and immigrations laws to rest while ensuring compliance.

To build and maintain a positive working relationship with local and national government offices in the UAE, you need PRO services. This not only involves obtaining certification and sanctions from authorities but also coordinating for the Certificate of Origin/Attestation, acquiring labor approval, entry permit, employment visa, labor card, labor contract, residence visa, and much more.

Pravo Management Consultancies ranks among the top business consulting firms in the UAE while offering leading PRO services in Dubai. With us, you’ll find a cohesive solution to all your PR-related activities. Reach out to our expert business professionals to get access to the best PRO services around.

If’re a foreign investor looking for cost-effective PRO services in Dubai, UAE, Pravo Management Consultancies has got you covered. There are several ways to reach out to us: dial +971 50 331 98 41 or drop a WhatsApp/Telegram message, or send us an email at We’re always available to assist you in the best possible way.

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