JAFZA Offshore Company Opening

Jebel Ali Offshore presents itself as the premier choice for offshore company formation in Dubai. It offers foreign investors a seamless process to register their companies, receiving their incorporation certificate and related documents within a swift 5-7 days upon document submission.

Governed by the esteemed Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority, JAFZA Offshore holds the rightful authority to register non-resident companies, allowing foreign investors to engage in international business operations. Both individuals and corporate entities can take advantage of JAFZA Offshore’s services, facilitating offshore company formation within the UAE.

Offshore Company Setup in JAFZA

Under the Jebel Ali Free Zone Offshore Companies Regulations 2003, JAFZA enables the establishment of offshore companies in Dubai. These companies can be formed by individuals or corporate bodies, functioning as non-resident entities with a corporate legal status.

Opting for offshore company formation in Dubai is an excellent choice for foreign investors who wish to engage in international business without obtaining a UAE residence visa. JAFZA Offshore stands as the premier option for foreign investors seeking to register an offshore company in Dubai.

There is a diverse range of business activities and company types available in the UAE for registering an offshore company in Dubai. These include holding companies, international consulting firms, general trading entities, property ownership ventures, ship management companies, special purpose vehicles, and more.

Procedures for Setting Up a JAFZA Offshore Company

Setting up a JAFZA Offshore Company is a straightforward process that begins with filling out the company setup application form. This form requires basic shareholder details, company name, business activity, and more. Once the application is submitted, the fee payment for the JAFZA Offshore company setup is initiated.

After a thorough review of the documents, the JAFZA Offshore Authority will issue the Company Incorporation Certificate and other necessary company documents within 5-7 working days. It’s important to note that the offshore company must have a physical office and a communication address in the UAE, which will be provided by the Registered Agent.

As a Registered Agent of JAFZA Offshore, Pravo Management Consultancies offers cost-effective services and will efficiently coordinate the offshore company setup in JAFZA. Our dedicated team will handle all company renewals, communications, and ensure a smooth formation process for offshore companies in the UAE.

Permitted Activities JAFZA offshore

  • To convene shareholders and directors meetings in the UAE, ensuring optimal word choice, structural coherence, readability, and eloquence, while preserving the original intent.
  • To obtain a lease for a registered office or own real property in the Palm Islands or Jumeirah Islands, or any property owned by Nakheel Company LLC, or any other real property approved by the authority.
  • Establishing professional contacts with legal consultants, lawyers, accountants, and auditors is crucial for ensuring efficient and compliant operations.
  • To maintain an account in a UAE bank for the purpose of conducting regular operational transactions.
  • To acquire shares in Freezone and Limited Liability Companies.

JAFZA Shares

  • Payment for all allocated shares must be made in full.
  • Bearer shares are prohibited.
  • The allowance of different classes of shares is prohibited.

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JAFZA Offshore Features

Dubai has enacted legislation that allows for the establishment of offshore companies within the Jebel Ali free zone in the Emirate of Dubai. These laws have been meticulously crafted to ensure that these companies maintain a pristine reputation in the eyes of international financial authorities.

The Companies possess several distinct attributes:

1. Bearer shares are strictly prohibited.

2. The Company is required to submit audited accounts annually.

3. The Company has the flexibility to operate bank accounts with various banks in Dubai and other jurisdictions.

4. Company Status: Limited Liability.

5. Shareholders: Minimum of one, with no maximum limit.

6. Name Suffix: “Limited.”

7. Capital Structure: Determined by the shareholders.

8. Directors: Minimum of two directors.

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