We provide comprehensive support for your business in the UAE: from start-up to daily management, we help you overcome any barriers and achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.

Our Services

  • Consultations on key issues: We help you understand the complexities of entrepreneurship in the UAE by providing written and oral consultations on corporate, tax, labor, and administrative law.
  • Preparation and Analysis of Contracts: We handle all aspects related to the drafting, analysis, and revision of your company’s commercial contracts.
  • Expertise on Corporate Documents: We perform drafting and legal expertise of powers of attorney, corporate and organizational documents.
  • Development of Human Resources Documentation: We assist in drafting correct forms of HR documentation in accordance with UAE law.
  • Interaction with Government Bodies: We represent your business interests in government and municipal bodies, notaries, and entities that register legal entities.

Competent Solutions for Every Stage of Your Business

Our company specializes in providing comprehensive consulting services for businesses in the UAE. With years of experience and a professional approach, we assist our clients in successfully growing their business in this region.

  • Starting a New Business: We assist at all stages of business setup in the UAE, including preparation and analysis of commercial contracts and legal support.
  • Expanding Business: We support your aspirations for growth and development by offering comprehensive services in contract analysis and drafting, and consulting on corporate law and taxes.
  • Daily Business Management: We assist you in handling the daily challenges of managing a business in the UAE by providing quality consultations and support in labor and administrative law issues.
  • Conflict Resolution: In the event of disputes, our team is ready to protect your interests, representing them in government and municipal bodies, notaries, and entities that register legal entities.

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Why it is beneficial to work with us

  • Experience and professionalism: We have extensive experience in consulting in the UAE, and our specialists are well versed in the features of the local business environment and legislation.

  • Full range of services: We offer comprehensive services that allow our clients to receive all the necessary support within one cooperation. This saves your time and resources on finding and communicating with various specialists. 

  • Individual approach: We always take into account the individual characteristics and needs of each client and strive to offer the most effective and suitable solutions for your business.

  • Working in the client’s interests: Our main goal is the success and prosperity of your business. We always act in the interests of our clients and strive to achieve the best results.

  • Quick feedback: We value your time and always strive to provide a quick and quality response to all your inquiries.