Opening Resident visa in UAE

To live and run a business in the UAE, to work with UAE banking system, you must have a UAE resident visa.

Our team helps to arrange a residency visa for you and your whole family.

Advantages of receiving resident visa of the UAE

A resident visa gives you the opportunity to live, study, operate a business, rent a property, and invest in the United Arab Emirates.

While the resident visa is issued for a period of 3 years for a partner and investor, a work visa is issued for 2 years.

You can renew this document almost unlimited number of times, if, of course, you have not done anything illegal in the UAE.

Resident visa is not just a permission to live in the UAE, It gives the same opportunities, as for citizens of the country, namely:

  1. To open a bank account in the UAE, one of the most reliable financial institutions in the world.
  2. To buy or rent real estate suitable for commercial or residential use.
  3. To get an education in schools and universities.
  4. To get a job in any company.
  5. To travel all over the world, an hour residence permit in the UAE, all countries are happy to give visas;
  6. To experience the benefits of tax policy.
  7. High standard of living and great infrastructure.
  8. UAE does not exchange information on the status of bank accounts belonging to residents of the country.
  9. The advantage of double taxation treaties, which are signed with many countries, including Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Cyprus, Latvia and many others. UAE residents can obtain a certificate of tax residency in the UAE.

In case of committed crime, registered internationally, it will be difficult to get a resident visa, it all depends on each case individually.

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How to get a resident visa in the UAE

A resident visa can be obtained in three ways:

  1. Registering a company in the UAE. It can be either a company registered in one of the free economic zones or registered outside the free economic zones.
  2. Being employed for a job in any company in the UAE. The UAE government does not impose requirements on the owners of firms regarding the nationality of their employees.

The important condition is to get them a residency visa, so they can legally reside in the Emirates. It is the employer who arranges and pays for work visa (including the cost of medical tests and Emirates ID).

  1. Purchasing a real estate property worth of 1 million AED and above. This visa is possible only for the owners of real estate in the Emirate of Dubai.
  2. it is also possible to obtain the dependent visa, when a person is sponsored by his/her husband/wife or parents. It should be noted that parents can sponsor their son only when he is a student.
  3. Enrolling in an educational institution in the UAE. In this case, there is an opportunity to get a resident student visa.

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