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Family Law

There is no family legislation in UAE, that’s why such family disputes as divorce, inheritance, and child custody are revised according to Sharia Law (Islamic legislation).


What you need to know about family law?

Processing of family disputes has always been a delicate matter. We recommend family lawyer, who speaks Russian, English, and Arabic.
Cases that we assist on
• International marriage;
• Marriage with UAE citizen;
• Drafting of marriage documents for attestation procedure;
• Islamic marriage for expats;
• Christian marriage in UAE;
• Divorce;
• Arrangement of shares after divorce;
• Violence in family;
• Alimony payment after divorce;
• Drafting of wills for Muslims and non-Muslims;
• Getting Inheritance certificate;
• Receiving an inheritance – shares, funds, and real-estate.

Assistance Real Estate

We recommend you qualified lawyers, specializing at real estate.
Examples of disputes to be covered: selling-purchase agreements at each stage, property rent.

Will help you in receiving information for the cases:
• Amending property status for non-residential;
• Acknowledgement of property rights for real estate;
• Legalization of a private construction;
• Registration of a property;
• Consultation on real estate taxes;
• Accompanying real estate contracts and deals;
• Acknowledging of non-legitimacy of contracts;
• Legal consultations for land legislation;
• Privatization of land and property rights registration;
• Registration of usage of the property (letting);
• Preparation of documents for and registration for rent or sale;
• Establishing the order of land usage in the Court.

When you are most likely to require assistance for ownership properties:
• Purchase;
• Selling;
• Exchange;
• Endowment;
• Mortgage;
• Building a property;
• Property Wills;
• Annuity Agreement;
• Property division;
• Drafting perpetual maintenance Agreement;
• Receiving a property ownership certificate;
• Registration of ownership rights for an object;
• Registration of Title Deed for real estate (apartment, house, villa, commercial premises, plots, etc.).

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