Updated rules about local sponsors

A new law, which was released recently, states that some category of foreign investors no longer need sponsorship to own a local business. The Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Law went into effect on December 1, 2020. It will allow eligible foreign investors to own local businesses themselves. The law applies to 122 permitted business activities. […]

schengen visa

Applying for Schengen visa from UAE

For more than a year, traveling  around the world has been a challenge, and many tourists are looking forward to travel in Europe this summer.  List of Schengen countries, which are open to traveling Greece Greece is one of the few countries to suspend visa issuance for only a few months when the pandemic broke […]

Dominica article

Dominica: Second Citizenship

The main reason for acquiring a second citizenship is mobility around the world, since they all live in several countries at the same time. They have second passports from different countries: one has a Canadian passport, a couple of people have European passports, and the vast majority have Caribbean passports. Founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, […]

Third party car usage

Third Party car usage

If  the person is going back to his come country and wants  to return back to the UAE in a year, will it be possible to retain the car under his/her name even without a resident visa? If a third party uses the car, will the owner be held liable for fines or other traffic […]

Debts in uae

Debts in UAE

Popularly known as “the land of opportunities,” the UAE is home for millions of expats from all over the world. To take advantage of the available opportunities, people often rely on debt in the UAE. While creditors and debtors aim to have a win-win relationship, there are several cases when the creditors require debt recovery […]

return policy

Purchase returning policy

If a person needs to return, exchange or cancel purchased item/s in the UAE, here is the information how to do it: Sending an email to notify seller of the intent to return an item or items. Information must include name, items for return, and the reason for the return.The seller will refund all qualifying […]

Sharing dubai

Sharing accomodation in Dubai

Sub-leasing or shared accommodation in Dubai is governed by the Article 24 of Law No.26 of 2007, which along with the RERA tenancy laws form part of the broader Real Estate Law in Dubai. The important issue is that sharing accommodation in Dubai is not permissible unless the landlord approves it. According to Article 24 of […]

Child custody

How to sponsor your parents in UAE?

If you decided to sponsor your parents in UAE there is a certain rules and regulations: A Parent(s) Residence Visa can be sponsored by Son/Daughter/Son in Law/Daughter in Law in Dubai. Here is a requirements: If you are willing to bring both Parents: Should bring both of the parents, otherwise attested death/divorce certificate or any […]