Getting an Alcohol License in Dubai – Unlock the Secrets

Although Dubai is a Muslim country, it is not devoid of alcohol. In numerous upscale hotels, restaurants, and designated areas throughout the city, you can readily purchase and enjoy alcoholic beverages. However, it’s crucial to note that there are stringent laws governing alcohol consumption, and even more stringent regulations for establishing a business that serves […]

Приобретение недвижимости в ОАЭ: Право собственности

Purchasing a Property in the UAE: Ownership and explained

Real estate laws in the UAE encompass a dual legal system consisting of federal laws and emirate-specific legislation. The UAE Civil Transactions Code (CTC) serves as the primary source of law for real estate transactions, covering aspects such as buying, selling, and ownership rights. Each emirate has the authority to enact its legislation to supplement […]

Manager accountable for company's losses?

Manager accountable for company’s losses?

I am a partner in a limited liability company (LLC) and I own 20% of the capital. Currently, the company is exposed to losses, and the company’s manager does not recognise these losses, and asks the partners to increase the capital to save the company, but all the partners refuse to increase the capital. My […]

If buyer received a property smaller that in agreement

If the buyer received a property smaller than in agreement

Question: A questioner from Dubai asks: 3 years ago, I bought an off-plan apartment from one of the developers, and now when I received the apartment, it became clear to me that the room sizes are small and not in conformity with the purchase agreement. Therefore, I refused to receive the apartment and asked the […]

Rent in Dubai

Rent in Dubai

Renting in Dubai? Fees to pay, required documents, all you need to know before movingExpert offers the ultimate guide for people who are planning to live and rent in the cityWhen scouting a flat or a villa in Dubai, should residents prioritise the cost or the location? Choosing where to live is a big decision, […]