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Business Consulting UAE
by Pravo

Pravo Management Consultancies LLC is your consultant in business, commercial services, and PRO services provider. Also, via collaborating with local lawyers, we provide legal assistance.

We open companies in UAE, and provide assistance for businesses: register VAT, draft quarter reports, annual audits, etc

Our services include opening companies, bank accounts, resident visas, license renewals, liquidation, merging of businesses, transfer of shares, UAE market analysis, assistance with commercial disputes, trademark and copyright registration.

Other part of our work includes notary services, documents legalization, drafting of POAs, agreements, authorization letters, and other documents, linked to running a business in UAE.

Our goals are helping people and solving problems. Our strength lies within combining these two elements. Collaborating with the best local lawyers, who are providing legal assistance, represent clients in the court, prosecution department, and other legal entities of UAE.

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Why Pravo

Understanding local procedures and mentality helps our team to accelerate processes of opening visas, businesses, bank accounts, while knowledge of local market helps in providing a market analysis for our clients. We know the contacts and the timings for a specific people in departments, which helps in providing better and faster service.

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What we can provide you?

The solution for the cases

Which cases? If you have paid a deposit to a developer and they provide a property with less space or the project is cancelled, we are here. If you have been injured or suffered any other losses at a hotel or other public place. If you are a supplier of goods, shipped a container to a customer, and they don't cover the invoice — we can help. We have unblocked frozen bank accounts for clients, too. We do it in collaboration with local lawyers.

Drafting documents and PRO services

If you and your partner or counterparty need an agreement, if you are getting married and want a prenuptial agreement, if you need to register a patent or trademark, open a tourist or resident visa, open a company in the UAE — you can contact us.

Assistance with non-standard situations

Here lies our main advantage — there are situations when you need to provide a solution that requires a strategy. Over 27 years of working, we have acquired the right contacts in the Emirates, which may help us in solving problems.

Looking for a problem-solver in UAE?

We welcome and celebrate different perspectives to help our firm, our clients and our people.


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We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined and achieve results that bridge what is with what can be.

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