Business License In Dubai, UAE

A trade license is paramount to the success of any business formation in Dubai and UAE. Fortunately, navigating the licensing process is made simple with the guiding expertise of Pravo Business License Consultants.

Our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing proactive assistance that ensures a seamless acquisition of commercial, industrial, professional, or other business licenses across the Mainland, Freezone, and Off-shore domains of the UAE. We collaborate closely with you to identify and obtain the appropriate business license that aligns with the nature and goals of your business entity, streamlining its operation and maintenance.

For more than two decades, Pravo has played a vital role in the establishment and growth of successful business entities throughout the region. Whether setting up a new business or expanding a current one, our team is committed to offering exceptional support that results in your success.

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If you're setting up a business in UAE, you need to know about trade licenses - it's the backbone of any new enterprise. Pravo Management Consultancies can help you secure this vital document, guiding you through a straightforward and user-friendly process.

Types of Business Trade License Required to start business in the UAE


A Commercial Trade License in the UAE is mandatory for businesses engaged in buying or selling goods, whether within the country or abroad. Among the business activities encompassed under a UAE commercial trade license are import/export, product trading, rental services, brokerage firms, logistics, real estate, and more. Ensure your company is licensed to trade commercially for smooth operations within the UAE.


Obtaining a Professional Trade License in the UAE is mandatory for service-oriented companies seeking 100% ownership. However, a local service agent must be hired to complete the process. With a Professional License, management consultancies, law firms, marketing and designing agencies, auditing and accounting companies, and other similar businesses can undertake their activities with ease.


An Industrial Trade License is mandatory for businesses engaged in manufacturing and industrial activities in Dubai and across the UAE. A physical office in the country is a prerequisite for obtaining this license. The license permits manufacturing, casing, furnishing, and packaging of all products.


Dubai has emerged as a premier tourism destination, attracting tons of visitors every year. To regulate the tourism industry in the UAE, the economic department and DTCM have introduced a tourism license for businesses such as travel agents, tour operators, and the hospitality sector to obtain. Obtaining a tourism license is mandatory for operating in these sectors.

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