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Assistance with relocation to the UAE

Its not a easy to start in a new country. You need professional assistance.

Our expert relocation team is on hand to assist with every aspect of the move, including finding a home, looking for schools and getting up to date with the local cultures ,customs, laws and regulations.  Each  client will be taking individual assistance.


The service for relocation includes:

  • Home search (renting or buying real estate in the UAE);
  • School search
  • Assistance of changing a driver’s license (if necessary, assistance in acquiring a new driver’s license at local driving schools);
  • Opening a resident visa (investor or freelance visa);
  • Assistance in opening a company and a bank account (account);
  • Help in choosing health insurance;
  • Assistance in preparing documents.

Practice "Moving to the UAE"

  Comprehensive support when moving.

  We open businesses, visa resident, help to rent a house, register a child at school, bring pets.

  Registration of communication, utilities.

  Accept and clear the cargo.

  Get a driver’s license.  Full support.

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