Ajman Offshore Company Opening

Established in 1988, Ajman Free Zone has recently introduced a groundbreaking initiative known as Ajman Offshore. This offshore center serves as an ideal investment platform, offering companies the advantages of an offshore company, including a tax-free system and the assurance of anonymity. Moreover, investors can benefit from the following features provided by Ajman Offshore:

  • No requirement for offices or industrial premises
  • No trading within the UAE
  • No requirement for Chamber of Commerce registration
  • No residence visa for founders and directors. Shareholders and/or directors are not automatically eligible to obtain a UAE residence visa.
  • Additionally, No requirement for Submission of Annual Audit Report

In just two years, this jurisdiction has emerged as the most coveted offshore destination worldwide. The seamless and hassle-free incorporation process, coupled with the credibility of Ajman Emirate as a rapidly growing region, has enticed investors to establish offshore entities in the UAE.

Company Registration in Ajman Offshore

Pravo Management Consultancies stands out as a top Ajman Offshore Agent in the UAE, providing expert PRO services to handle all administrative tasks related to Ajman Offshore company formation. From amending company information to document attestation and management, our dedicated team ensures precise handling of each client’s specific requirements, all at the fastest speed and lowest fees.

An Offshore company in Ajman can serve as a Holding company, enabling ownership of shares in companies worldwide. This makes it an ideal Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for executing various projects. Foreign investors register an offshore company, which then holds 100% shares of a Freezone Company in the UAE. The ultimate beneficiary of the Freezone company remains the owner of the Offshore company, even if their name is not listed as the shareholder or director of the Freezone company.

The formation process of Ajman Offshore is exceptionally swift compared to other offshore centers. Upon approval of the company name and submission of the required documents, incorporation can be completed in just one working day. Moreover, shareholders are not required to be physically present in the UAE for the company formation.

List of documents needed for Ajman Offshore company formation.

The following documents are required for offshore company registration in Ajman:

1. Passport copy of the shareholder/s.

2. Original proof of residence of the shareholder/s, such as a telephone bill, electricity bill, or any bank statement showing the address.

3. Application form and Memorandum of Association.

4. Incorporation Fees of AED 9,000/USD 2466 (all-inclusive).

Please note that the registered address of the Ajman Offshore company will be the Dubai Address of Pravo Management Consultancies, which serves as the registered agent.

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