Company Registration in Dubai CommerCity Free Zone

Dubai CommerCity, the newest Free Trade Zone in the UAE, offers a diverse range of business licenses, including eCommerce, services, commercial, and general trading. With state-of-the-art office spaces and expansive warehouses, it caters to investors from various industry sectors.

The establishment of Dubai CommerCity is set to drive the growth of the eCommerce retail market in the MENA region, projected to surge by 20% over the next 5 years. Furthermore, it signifies a transition from a traditional economy to a smart economy, embracing innovation and technology.

The Ecommerce License in Dubai is the preferred license type for eCommerce companies seeking to expand their business into the local UAE market. If you’re considering setting up an eCommerce company in the UAE, Dubai CommerCity Free Zone is the ideal solution.


With an eCommerce License from Dubai CommerCity Free Zone, investors can select their desired office space, sponsor employees, open a bank account, and commence operations. This license enables entrepreneurs to sell products and services online, as well as enter both local and global markets, facilitating business expansion and attracting new customers effortlessly.

Key Benefits Of Dubai Commercity Free Zone

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How To Setup A Company In Dubai CommerCity Free Zone?

Dubai CommerCity Free Zone offers a meticulously designed business setup process. Investors are provided with top-notch infrastructure and an extensive selection of business licenses and activities.


Tailored to the specific nature of their business, investors can opt for the ideal business license type and choose from a variety of office or warehouse facilities within the Free Zone. Dubai CommerCity boasts a vast area exclusively dedicated to warehouses, catering to different specifications.

The following are the basic steps in setting up a company in the Dubai CommerCity Free Zone.

Dubai’s Free Zone offers a wide range of facilities, catering to various industries. From state-of-the-art cold-storage units for food processing and pharmaceuticals to expansive warehouses that cater to the booming eCommerce sector, it provides all the necessary infrastructure.

Step-1 – Select the right business activity

Dubai CommerCity Free Zone offers a diverse range of business activities with specific licenses in Dubai. For instance, under the eCommerce category, businesses can be classified into various sectors such as Portals, eCommerce goods trading, online services, logistics, and delivery. Similarly, the General Trading License allows investors to engage in all permitted business activities specified by the free zone. This enables entrepreneurs to explore a multitude of opportunities within this thriving business hub.

Step -2 Choose your License Type

Investors can choose from a wide range of business license types available in the Dubai CommerCity Free Zone. Based on the specific business activity, the investors can choose their respective business license types.

Trade License – A General Trading License enables entrepreneurs to trade in all kinds of permitted items. Also, the company can conduct import-export, distribution, and storage of permitted products.

Service License – It is the right business license category for starting online services such as consulting, marketing, training, education, IT, and more. Entrepreneurs can set up services or consultancy companies in the Free Zone starting from AED 21,995.

Commercial License– Companies can obtain a Commercial License from the Free Zone and conduct manufacturing and assembling operations. Companies can undertake light manufacturing activities, packaging, assembling, repackaging, etc.

Ecommerce License – Ecommerce License enables traders to sell goods and services online using a portal, website, or social media. The Free Zone offers world-class logistics support and trade infrastructure.

The Dubai International Airport’s strategic location makes it an ideal trade hub for eCommerce and import-export operations. eCommerce companies can obtain a general trading license and an import-export code from customs to facilitate international trade activities. The Free Zone offers vast business opportunities for global investors to engage in various business ventures.

Step -3 Choosing the Company Type

Selecting the appropriate company type is a crucial aspect of establishing a business in the UAE. Dubai Commercity offers primarily two types of companies:


1. Free Zone Company (FZCO/FZ-LLC) – Requires a minimum of two and a maximum of 50 shareholders, which can include individuals or other companies.


2. Branch Office – Foreign companies or companies based in the UAE can establish a branch of their existing company.


Make informed decisions about your company structure to ensure a smooth and successful business setup in the UAE with Dubai Commercity.

Step 4 – Choose Your Space

Dubai CommerCity offers a diverse selection of office spaces to establish your company. This Free Zone encompasses a Business Center, Logistics Cluster, and Social Cluster, all providing top-notch infrastructure for entrepreneurs.
Investors have the opportunity to collaborate and work together towards achieving their business goals. The Free Zone offers customized office spaces, warehousing facilities, and a range of amenities to facilitate easy scalability of businesses in the UAE.
In Dubai CommerCity, there are three distinct zones that provide a seamless launchpad for investors to embark on their business ventures.

Business Centre – The Business Centre consists of shared offices, Flexi-Desks, Co-working Spaces, and Fully Furnished office facilities meeting various business requirements.

Logistics Cluster – The Free Zone consists of a huge infrastructure for facilitating global trade and commerce operations. The Logistics Cluster consists of storage, distribution, light manufacturing, delivery, and assembling facilities for companies to easily start their business operations in UAE.

Social Cluster – Investors can avail the world-class facilities offered by the Free Zones for scaling up the business establishment. There are numerous cafeterias, food courts, conference halls, meeting rooms, business support services-typing center, etc.

How To Apply For The ECommerce Business License In Dubai CommerCity?

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