Company Registration in IFZA Free Zone

IFZA, regulated by Dubai Silicon Oasis, is an innovative business hub for setting up companies in Dubai. It has quickly become the top choice for global investors, thanks to its attractive company setup packages. These packages offer heavily discounted fees and the flexibility of 3-year or 5-year license options.


Originally established in 2018 in Fujairah, IFZA has since relocated to Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO). Located in the DSO Digital Park, this Free Zone provides service, commercial, and holding company licenses to investors worldwide. What sets IFZA apart is its focus on low-cost company formation, making it the most affordable free zone for starting a business in Dubai. Additionally, IFZA stands out for offering multi-year license packages and an extensive range of business activities.


IFZA boasts state-of-the-art offices and warehouses available for leasing at Dubai Silicon Oasis. The facilities include spacious conference rooms, perfect for hosting international events. And thanks to the Free Zone Authority’s partnerships, discounted rates are available for five-star hotels in Dubai.


Choose IFZA for an exceptional business setup experience in Dubai—a combination of affordability, modern infrastructure, and unparalleled support.

Types of IFZA licenses and companies

IFZA Dubai issues various licenses for Free Zone Company Setup, providing a range of options to suit different business needs and requirements.

Professional: Licensing for consultancy and service-based businesses.

Commercial: This license authorizes the import, export, storage, and distribution of goods.

Industrial: Obtain the necessary license for importing raw materials, as well as manufacturing and processing specific goods.

IFZA allows for the combination of up to seven (7) activities, whether they belong to a single license or different license types. Notably, the authorities expedite the issuance of licenses within just four (4) days, enabling swift company registration. Since its establishment, IFZA has been providing business setup packages tailored to meet the needs and demands of entrepreneurs from around the globe. Investors can effortlessly obtain licenses and register their companies without the need to travel to the United Arab Emirates.

IFZA allows for the incorporation of the following types of companies:


1. Limited Liability Company (LLC): This legal structure ensures that the company’s liabilities remain separate from those of its shareholder(s). The shareholder’s liability is limited to their investment in the company. Assets are registered in the company’s name, not the shareholder’s.


2. Branch: Existing companies can establish a branch in IFZA if both the branch and the parent company engage in the same activities. The branch is considered an extension of the parent company, sharing its identity for matters related to profits, expenses, debts, and liabilities.


Both an LLC and a branch established in IFZA are denoted by the term ‘FZCO’.

How to Set Up a Free Zone Company with IFZA?

Setting up a Dubai free zone company has never been easier with IFZA. Simply place your order on our website and choose the package that best suits your business requirements. Pravo offers a wide range of packages for all license types, including commercial, professional, industrial, and general trading company licenses. Experience a seamless process and unlock endless possibilities for your business.

Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up a Dubai free zone company with IFZA:


Step 1: Choose a package and place your order on the website.

Step 2: Prepare and submit the necessary documents for the application:

– Clear and colored scanned copies of each shareholder’s passport.

– Latest UAE entry stamp or UAE visa for each shareholder (if available).

– Emirates ID copy (if applicable).

– Passport-sized photo of each shareholder with a white background (showing shoulders and head, colored, with dark clothing, no jewelry, eyewear, or teeth visible).

Step 3: We will handle the application process with IFZA and finalize it. IFZA will issue the license within four to five (4-5) working days.

How to Obtain a UAE Residence Visa through an IFZA company?

Step 1: If you’ve chosen the visa entitlement license, we’ll proceed with applying for the company’s establishment card. The establishment card should be issued within five to seven (5-7) working days.


Step 2: Due to the ongoing CoVid-19 situation, the UAE immigration now requires the visa holder to be physically present in the UAE for the residence visa issuance.


Step 3: We’ll prepare the visa application, and the UAE e-visa will be issued within four to five (4-5) working days after submission to IFZA.


Step 4: Once the visa is issued, we’ll proceed with the change of visa status. This will allow the visa holder to complete the medical test and Emirates ID biometrics. The change of visa status should take one to two (1-2) working days.


Please note the following rules for the change of status (inside UAE):

After the change of status is completed, the visa holder won’t be able to travel outside of the UAE until their passport is stamped with the residency visa.

Upon entering the country or completing the in-country change of status, the visa holder will have thirty (30) calendar days to complete the medical test and Emirates ID application.


Step 5: The visa holder will undergo the medical test and apply for the Emirates ID. The medical results can be issued within two (2) hours with the VVIP package, or up to seven (7) days depending on the selected package. The required documents for the medical test and Emirates ID application are as follows:

– Original passport of the visa holder.

– Copy of the e-visa issued by IFZA.

– Copy of change status confirmation.

– Three passport-sized photos of each shareholder with a white background (showing shoulders and head, colored, white background, dark clothing, no jewelry, eyewear, or teeth).

– Trade license of the company.

– Establishment card of the company.

Once the medical result is issued, it must be stamped by the medical center where the test was conducted.


Step 6: After the medical result is issued, the visa holder can proceed with the Emirates ID biometrics.


Step 7: The following documents must be sent to the IFZA offices for visa stamping and Emirates ID processing:

– Original passport of the visa holder.

– Original nine (9) passport-sized photos of each shareholder with a white background (showing shoulders and head, colored, white background, dark clothing, no jewelry, eyewear, or teeth).

– Copy of e-visa issued by the free zone.

– Copy of change status confirmation.

– Copy of stamped medical test result.

– Copy of stamped Emirates ID application.

– Copy of trade license of the company.

– Copy of establishment card of the company.

The visa stamping process takes five to seven (5-7) working days after the submission of originals to IFZA. The Emirates ID will be issued ten (10) days after the visa has been stamped.


Pravo offers comprehensive assistance in setting up a Dubai free zone company with IFZA, including the issuance of residence visas to shareholders and employees.

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PRO Service In IFZA Freezone

Pravo serves as the registered agents for IFZA Dubai, providing comprehensive PRO Services. We specialize in assisting clients with obtaining the establishment card for their companies, which is a mandatory requirement for visa applications and employee residence. Our dedicated team of PROs also handles the processing of residence visas, Emirates ID applications, and dependent visas for investors, directors, and employees. Here are the fees associated with the establishment card and UAE residence visa.

Establishment Card & Visa Fee Details

Establishment Card Fee (1 years)AED 2,000
Resident Visa Fee (2 years)AED 3,750
Medical FeeAED 870
Emirates ID FeeAED 370

Pravo PRO Services go beyond just applying and coordinating for Residence Visa issuance. We offer a wide range of comprehensive solutions, including document clearance, legal attestation of company documents, residence visa cancellation, company closing, and many more allied services. Our goal is to provide you with seamless and efficient assistance for all your business needs.

Optional Office Space Solutions

PackageFlexi deskFlexi desk +Dedicated officePrivate officePersonalised office
12 month priceAED 5,760AED 8,640AED 13,440AED 18,2401,400 (per square meter)

Conference rooms can be utilized based on flexible desk usage with Flexi Desks and Flexi Desks+. Here are the associated costs:

– IFZA P.O Box: AED 1200 per year

– Call handling charges: AED 150 per month

– For private and personalized offices, an additional utility fee of 6% of the office rent is applicable.

– Additional phone line: AED 75 per month per connection

– Additional workstation: AED 100 per month

– Small meeting room: AED 75 per hour (during office hours) or AED 100 per hour (outside office hours)

– Conference room: AED 150 per hour (during office hours) or AED 200 per hour (outside office hours)

– Printing: AED 50 for 100 pages

– Parking space for Flexi Desk and Flexi Desk+: AED 250 per month

– Outgoing calls: Call + 10% (deposit of AED 500 required for any individual office lines or any international call forwarding requirement)

– For dedicated, private, and personalized offices, a security deposit of one (1) month’s rent is required.

Flexi desk

Flexi Desk:

A furnished shared desk, available for up to 10 hours per week from Sunday to Thursday, between 8:30 AM and 6:00 PM. Enjoy the convenience of a WiFi connection and a prestigious company address at the IFZA free zone. Additionally, you’ll have access to a meeting room for one hour per month. For your convenience, conference rooms can be accessed for an additional fee.


Flexi Desk+:

Upgrade to a furnished dedicated desk located at the free zone. With no time restrictions, you’ll have the flexibility to utilize this desk whenever you need it. Enjoy the added benefits of a WiFi connection, access to a meeting room for five hours per month, and one designated parking space. Conference rooms can also be accessed for an additional fee.


Dedicated Office:

Experience the luxury of a dedicated office space within a shared environment. Spanning nine square meters, each office includes a workstation and provides WiFi access. You’ll also have access to meeting rooms for five hours per month, a conference room for one hour per month, and one parking space.


Private Office:

IFZA offers exclusive private offices, ranging from 12.5 square meters in size. Each office is equipped with an executive desk or two workstations, giving you the flexibility to choose the setup that suits your needs. Private offices can be accessed 24/7 and include WiFi connectivity. Additionally, you’ll have access to meeting rooms for seven hours per month, a conference room for two hours per month, and one parking space.


Personalized Office:

For those seeking a personalized office space, IFZA offers unfurnished spaces starting from 20 square meters. Create an environment that reflects your unique style and preferences. Along with the personalized office, you’ll have access to WiFi, meeting rooms for seven hours per month, conference rooms for five hours per month, and two parking spaces. Like private offices, personalized offices can be accessed 24/7.

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