How to open a private clinic in Dubai, UAE - licenses, visas, and other requirements

In order to open a private clinic in Dubai, you are to meet the following requirements:

– Compulsory medical education (if you do not have one, you can hire a specialist with relevant qualifications as a director);

– UAE-certified staff;

– Proficiency in English.

– Staff certification.

– Company registration in the UAE;

– Getting a license;

– Premises based on international healthcare standards approved by the administration.


Attestation for obtaining a Medical License – necessary documents

You need to get UAE Department of Health certification to open a clinic and get a medical license. You will need the following documents to get it:

– A specialist diploma and a candidate or master’s degree with attachments;

– a professional activity report;

– a certificate from your previous employment;

– a covering letter (so-called Authorization Letter);

– Specialist certificates.

Strict requirements are also made on the premises where the clinic is to be set up: in terms of size, furnishings, equipment etc.

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