Company Registration In SHAMS Free Zone UAE

Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) is a highly respected and efficiently organized Freezone in the Emirate of Sharjah, UAE. It offers affordable business licenses for a wide range of activities, attracting companies from over 160 countries. With its headquarters in Sharjah and an office outlet in Dubai, SHAMS caters to the urgent needs of its clients.


Renowned for its cost-effective license packages starting from AED 8,050, SHAMS Free Zone Authority enables a remote company formation process that can be completed within just 2 working days.

To incorporate a company, the process begins with filing an application for name approval. Alongside this, the shareholders/directors need to provide their passport copies and passport-sized photos. It is worth noting that a single shareholder can fulfill all roles, including being the shareholder, director, and person in charge of the company.


For a single shareholder, an investor visa can be obtained under the company, while multiple shareholders are eligible for partner visas. These visas can be applied for after the company is incorporated, granting investors hassle-free three-year visas that can be renewed without any complications.


In terms of capital requirements, any company incorporated under SHAMS Freezone Authority must have a starting capital of AED 150,000. The total number of shares is set at 150, with each share having a value of AED 1000.


Under the legal structure of a limited liability company (LLC) within SHAMS Freezone, shareholders are only liable for any company defaults up to the value of the shares they hold. It is important to note that proof of capital is not required to be shown to the Freezone authority, making it easier for investors to register their companies in SHAMS by simply paying the license fee.

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Advantages Of Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) UAE

Benefits Of A Free Zone Company In Sharjah

Type Of Licenses In SHAMS Free Zone

Documents Required For Company Setup In SHAMS

SHAMS Freezone Authority requires minimum documents and information to setup company.

The documents required for company formation in shams are

  1. Passport copy of Shareholder
  2. Passport size photo
  3. Application.
The Business Activity to be shown on License and address of Shareholder is also required.
Team Pravo will support in the entire process starting from the name approval of company. It will advise to submit passport copy for a pre-approval in the case some nationalities.

Documents Receivable After Incorporation

SHAMS issues a full set of Company documents after registration of Company. This complete set of documents enables the owners to setup a bank account in any local Commercial Bank. Following are the documents given upon incorporation:

  1. Certificate Of Incorporation (COI)
  2. License (showing License number, Company name, address, business activity, Shareholders & Person In Charge)
  3. Memorandum of Association
  4. Share Certificate
  5. Occupancy Agreement (equivalent to tenancy contract)

Most Popular Package

The One Visa Quota Company package, priced at AED 13,420, reigns as the most sought-after option in SHAMS Freezone. However, an increasing number of investors are gravitating towards the 3-year License package, which offers discounted fees and includes a 3-year Visa. This choice ensures that no payments are required to run the company during this period and shields investors from any potential fee increases.

Sharjah Media City Freezone Visa Quota And License Package Cost.

The Multi-Year License Package offered by Sharjah Media City is a perfect option for investors seeking a long-term strategy. It not only provides an ideal solution for those who wish to avoid the hassle of yearly license renewal payments but also ensures a seamless experience for investors looking to secure a stable and reliable business setup.

Clients can opt for our business license packages for 2, 3, or 5 years, ensuring seamless company license renewal for the chosen duration. Simplify the process with a one-time payment.

License packages

Actual packages Cost in AED

Discounted price (License Fee) in AED


2-Year Package

3-Year Package

5-Year Package

0 Visa




1 Visa






2 Visas






3 Visas






4 Visas






5 Visas






6 Visas






Immigration Card & Visa Cost In SHAMS

Immigration Card (3 Years) Cost
AED 1,575
E-channel registration
AED 2,525
Employment Visa – 2 years
AED 3,416
Investor / Partner Visa – 2 years
AED 3,416
Change of Status
AED 997.50
Medical (urgent)
AED 685
Additional allocation of visas
AED 1,600

Timelines For Various Immigration Processes

Investors of the recently registered company at the Sharjah Media City Free Zone can efficiently process their Residence Visas within the specified timelines mentioned below.



Entry Visa (Normal)

4-5 working days

Entry Visa (Priority)

1-2 working days

Entry Visa (Resubmission)

1-2 working days

Residence Visa (Normal)

4-5 working days

Residence Visa (Priority)

1-2 working days

Residence Visa (Resubmission)

1-2 working days

Residence Visa Cancellation (Normal) – Investor/Partner

3-4 working days

Residence Visa Cancellation (Priority) – Investor/Partner

2 working days

Residence Visa Cancellation (Normal) – Employee

3-4 working days

Residence Visa Cancellation (Priority) – Employee

1-2 working days

Entry Visa Cancellation (Normal) – Investor/Partner

3-4 working days

Entry Visa Cancellation (Priority) – Investor/Partner

1-2 working days

Entry Visa Cancellation (Normal) – Employee

3-4 working days

Entry Visa Cancellation (Priority) – Employee

1 working day

Entry Visa & Residence Visa Cancellation

1-2 working days

PRO Services In Sharjah Media City

Our PRO Services in Sharjah Media City encompass a wide range of administrative and document clearing services. Our team of skilled professionals is highly experienced in liaising with various Government departments for efficient document clearing and obtaining necessary approvals.

PRO Services Package In Sharjah Media City

Our exclusive PRO Services Package for Sharjah Media City covers:

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