Adaptation of people released from prison

Adaptation of people released from prison

UAE: New law will allow convicts to find jobs and lead normal lives after serving their sentences
The goal is to integrate them into society after the completion of rehabilitation programs

Rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-convicts into society has received a major boost in the UAE after the Federal National Council (FNC) passed a new law on it.
Yesterday, the FNC unanimously approved a new bill that would allow people who have served time for criminal offenses to return to a normal life by finding work after undergoing rehabilitation programs.

The bill, which was presented at a meeting chaired by FNC Speaker Sacre Gobas, contains provisions aimed at speeding up the process of returning former prisoners to society, making it easier for them to access rehabilitation services and obtain the necessary certificates. It also provides for facilitating their access to jobs and post-prison care.
The adopted law provides that rehabilitation will lead to the annulment of all criminal consequences of a future conviction and will put an end to subsequent deprivation of rights. The law also establishes some general conditions for receiving rehabilitation services.

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