Amnesty for illegal immigrants

Amnesty for illegal immigrants

The UAE is set to broadcast fresh forgiveness to illegal immigrants to encourage them to leave and forestall discharge in a drive to restore social and labor order as per the statement of Lt.Gen. Dr. Mohammed Saeed Al Badi, Minister of Interior.

The UAE is set to enunciate fresh forgiveness to illegal immigrants to encourage them to leave and help discharge in a drive to restore social and labor order.

 The ministry of labor had before studied this plan and hoped delegations in the UAE would help in its discharge.

“The decision to give another pardon to illegal immigrants reflects the UAE’s patience in dealing with others as all violators will be allowed to leave as was the case some time ago. We’ll implement that decision once it’s taken” – the Minister said.

 “We’re confident that the teams and consulates of several countries will cooperate with us in this regard because this will have a positive impact on the country.

The UAE is providing all possible services and facilities to residents and expects them to comply with the laws of labor and residence it cannot allow them to violate those laws.”

Lots of illegal immigrants, generally south Asians, left the UAE nearly five days ago to avail of general forgiveness ordered by President His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan to end confusion in the labor market and ensure security and stability.

According to the Interior Ministry sources, there are more than 150,000 violators of residence rules in the UAE, most of whom migrated into the country by ship.

Dr. Al Badi admitted the problem but added that the country had already tightened security and surveillance at borders and coastlines, stringent penalties against employers of illegal residents, and performs more often raids on suspected companies.

“All the measures aimed at ensuring stability and achieving the higher interests of the country. They are included in our policy and are designed to tackle the imbalance in the demographic structure and restoring order and discipline to the labor market,” he declared.

All these awards are made in order to assure stability and attract more interest in the country.

He noted that plans to feed a civil number to all UAE citizens and dwellers would support the drive to maintain social and labor stability.

“We have completed all studies on the national number project. They approved of the necessary funds which will soon be enforced.”

In Fujairah, the Dubai-based Indian Consulate announced that they intended to set up a temporary counter in Fujairah to help to overstay Indians do all the paperwork and deal with documentation required to leave the country after the UAE issues the new amnesty code soon.

Dr. George Joseph, Consul General of India, came to Fujairah to discuss acute problems the Indian community here faced.

He was also a guest of the Indian Social Clubs in Fujairah and Kalba as well as the Indian Business Council’s recent meeting at Fujairah Free Zone Authority’s Business Club.

Puthoor Rahman, Vice President of the Indian Social Club in Fujairah, said the move to open a temporary counter in Fujairah would benefit many Indians who are staying in the country illegally. Others who don’t have a valid residence visa or passport will be able to arrange the needed official documents (outpasses) to leave the country, without the need to go to the consulate in Dubai to do the necessary documentation work.

He said the Indian Consul General’s announcement was welcomed by the Indian community here, who hoped the amnesty code would be issued soon to help deal with the problems of many Indians trapped for the reason of breaking the country’s residence regulations.

The Indian Social Club held a meeting where Dr. Joseph answered questions about the amnesty code and how it could help Indians overstaying in the UAE.

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