dubai expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020

Expo 2020-your door to international business development!

For 170 years the World Expo has been providing a platform for the demonstration of the latest technologies, innovations that are very important nowadays and that broaden the opportunities of the modern world.

The UAE is the land of opportunity! Dubai is the city for global business development!

We have a chance to take part in creating a better world and building our future. The uniqueness of Expo 2020 is that ‘we are connecting minds and creating the future through sustainable development, mobility, opportunities, and prospects.

The Expo runs from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2021.

Here’s the schedule of events for Dubai Expo 2020 – October!


30.10.2021- Opening Ceremony.

01.10.2021-Music Night-Hungary, Angola-Africa.

02.10.2021-French National Day.

First week-3-9 October:

03.10.2021-National Day of the Republic of Uganda,

04.10.2021-National Day of the Republic of Ukraine, Business Forum,

05.10.2021-National Day of the Republic of Vanuatu,

06.10.2021-National Day of Syrian People’s Republic, Business Forum,

07-08.10.2021-Musical Festival,

09.10. 2021-National Day of Turkmenistan.

Second week

10-16 October 2021

10.10-Sports Day,

11.10 Gambia National Day, Russian Cultural Forum Conference

12.10-National Eswatini Day,

13.10-national Sinegal-Russia-Moscow Forum Day!

14.10-National Sierra Lyon Day,

15.10-Festival of Portugal,

16.10-International Food Day.

Third week

17-23 Oct.

17.10-National Day of Cote d’Amore,

18.10-National Day of Timor Diste,

  1. 10 – National Day of the Republic of Guana

20.10-National Day of the Republic of Panama

21.10 National Day of the Vincent and the Grenadines

22.10-National Day of Lithuania,

23.10-National Day of the European Union-Business Forum

Fourth Week

24-30 October

24.10-United Nations Day,

25.10-National Afro-Nations Day,

26.10-National Day of Darussalam,

27.10-National Day of Lissotto,

28.10-National day of Seychelles,

29.10-Swiss National Day,

30.10-National Day of Egypt,

The event will go on according to such schedule until 31.03.2021

01.12-National Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan,

04.12-National Day of the Russian Federation! Business Forum.

Expo 2020 will be held in one of the Far East countries for the first time.

More than 277,000 jobs are expected to be created and nearly $40 billion are to be invested into the country’s economy.

Nanotechnology, global business development, each exhibition pavilion will demonstrate the unique characteristic features of their country.

Our team will provide full support for businessmen at Expo 2020.
This will give you the opportunity to develop and prosper your business, find new markets and enter into international contracts!

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