Dubai government health insurance systems

Dubai government health insurance systems

The health insurance system is to provide enhanced medical care to the country’s residents.

Dubai has unified all government health insurance systems under one umbrella known as Enaya.

Enaya Insurance System in Dubai


The unification covers Saada insurance and other government insurances.
Following the move, there will be one insurance for all Government of Dubai employees, the Enaya insurance.
The beneficiaries of Enaya, the unified government health insurance program include citizens of the emirate of Dubai who does not benefit from any other government insurance and employees of government departments in the emirate of Dubai and their families.
The scope of dependency within the health insurance program for Dubai government employees includes Emiratis (wives, sons up to 24 years old, daughters until marriage or work and parents) and residents (wife and three children under the age of 21).
The unification of all health insurance systems is aimed at providing advanced integrated care and high-quality medical services.

Neuron and Almadallah as 2 main Emaya service providers

Enaya, the unified government health insurance program, features two different service providers: Neuron insurance and Almadallah Healthcare Management.
The unified health insurance program offers multiple benefits, including comprehensive coverage for maternity. The program provides healthcare for expectant mothers and their children from the beginning of the pregnancy period until after birth. Unlike other insurance programs, there is no waiting period for this entitlement.
Moreover, it offers benefits and care including current disease states and chronic diseases, disease prevention, and complete coverage of periodic routine examinations and vaccinations.
The unification under one insurance policy aims to enhance preventive care, ensure health sustainability, and the provision of high-quality specialised healthcare to insured members.

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