How Russians can Start a Company in Dubai?

Given the prevailing geopolitical situation in Russia, many companies are facing challenges in maintaining seamless daily operations. Dubai presents an ideal business location for Russian investors, offering a hassle-free environment to establish and continue their business ventures. Entrepreneurs and investors from Russia have two primary options in Dubai: opening a limited liability company on the mainland or setting up a Free Zone Establishment in one of the Free Trade Zones. These opportunities empower them to thrive and navigate the business landscape with ease.

Why Dubai is the Ideal Choice for Russian Investors to Establish Their Companies?

Dubai has more than 20 Free Trade Zones where Russian Investors can choose their desired business activities and start a company. Also, Dubai is a perfect trade and business hub for facilitating global trade. Dubai is one of the safest cities to live, work, and settle in.

The region boasts an established infrastructure complemented by a stable government, efficient e-governance, a resilient banking network, and a flourishing business ecosystem. The Arab Dirham, pegged to the USD, maintains a steadfast position in the financial markets, ensuring stability and confidence.

How can a Russian investor establish a company in Dubai?

Setting up a company in Dubai for a Russian investor is a relatively straightforward process that can be facilitated by a skilled business consultant. Through Pravo Management Consultancies, investors can remotely establish their Dubai-based company from Russia. Our experienced team will provide comprehensive guidance throughout the entire setup procedure in the UAE.

Businesses in Russia can also form a Branch of their Parent Company or start a new company in UAE and continue the business operation seamlessly.

Russian investors have a plethora of options when it comes to establishing a company in Dubai. The Free Zones in Dubai offer enticing benefits such as 100% foreign ownership, a comprehensive suite of business services, top-notch amenities, streamlined company formation, and the added perk of a UAE Residence Visa for investors.

The Company Trade License and other necessary company documents will be prepared within 2-3 Working Days. Once completed, investors can proceed with the application for the UAE resident visa and the opening of a corporate bank account.

What are the steps for Russians to establish a company in the Free Trade Zones of Dubai?

Russian investors have the opportunity to establish a company in Dubai’s Free Trade Zones. The type of company, whether it be a Free Zone Establishment or Free Zone Company, depends on the number of shareholders on the director board. At this stage, the selection of business activities should be based on the nature of the business.

Complete the process by choosing a suitable trade name for the company and submitting the application form. Ensure to include the necessary documents for shareholder(s), such as passport copies and photographs. For opening a branch, the parent company documents should be attested by the UAE Embassy in Russia. Don’t forget to include any additional required documentation.

Pravo Management Consultancies offers expert guidance in selecting optimal business activities for your company and efficiently facilitating the acquisition of the necessary trade license documentation. We prioritize promptness in our services, ensuring a seamless process for your business needs.

Upon submission of the required documents to the designated Free Zone Licensing Authority, the Trade license, along with the Memorandum of Association and other company documents, will be issued. Subsequently, the investor can proceed to apply for a UAE Residence Visa under the company’s name. Moreover, they have the opportunity to sponsor their family members and recruit employees for the company. Additionally, the newly established company becomes eligible for opening a corporate bank account in the UAE. To comply with the Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations of UAE banks, the investor will need to provide the necessary company documents, personal bank statements, business plan, and relevant details regarding their business activities in their home country.

How to Obtain a Dubai Visa for a Russian Investor?

Russian investors have the opportunity to obtain a 30-day tourist visa upon arrival in the UAE, allowing them to fly into Dubai and successfully complete company registration, apply for a residence visa, and open a company bank account. The UAE’s business-friendly policies, advantageous tax regime, and thriving business ecosystem make it the ideal destination for aspiring entrepreneurs. With the guidance of a skilled business consultant, Russian investors can effortlessly establish their new company in Dubai.

Dubai stands as an ideal trade hub for Russian investors seeking to expand their global business operations. By selecting the Free Trade Zones in the region, Russian investors can establish their companies and obtain a Dubai residence visa, unlocking a multitude of opportunities.

Which is the ideal free zone to select in Dubai?

Discover the top Free Zones in Dubai, perfect for Russian investors seeking hassle-free company setup. These Free Zones provide unparalleled company formation packages and robust business infrastructure support to ensure utmost competitiveness and success.

1. Dubai Silicon Oasis – IFZA

Establish your company at Dubai Silicon Oasis, with a 1 visa quota for just AED 17,900. Situated in the Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone, IFZA is an ideal destination for startups across various industries. This Free Zone provides a diverse range of cost-effective business activities, while investors gain access to a plethora of business amenities.

2. Dubai Meydan Free Zone

Dubai Meydan, the newest Free Zone in Dubai, holds a prime location right next to the renowned Meydan Racecourse and Hotel. It has become a top choice for investors who seek to establish global business ventures. With its multi-year company license packages and the ability to obtain NOC for office space in mainland Dubai, running a business seamlessly becomes a reality.

3. Dubai Airport Free Zone

Dubai Airport Free Zone stands as one of the most esteemed Free Trade Zones in Dubai. Situated adjacent to one of the world’s busiest airports, it offers exceptional business facilities, office spaces, and a diverse array of business activities. DAFZA proves to be an ideal hub for trading companies prioritizing logistics. The close proximity to Dubai International Airport ensures smooth facilitation of global trade.

Therefore, establishing a Free Zone Company in Dubai appears to be an ideal option for Russian investors. It allows uninterrupted business operations and facilitates expansion into new markets. For more investment opportunities in Dubai from Russia, reach out to Pravo Management Consultancies. Discover a world of possibilities and grow your business with confidence.

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