How to buy a ready-made business in the UAE

How to buy a ready-made business in the UAE

If you don’t want to waste time registering your own business, there is another way to buy a ready-made business in Dubai. This way, you can become the owner of a functioning company. Buying a ready-made business has a lot of advantages.

The motivation for investing in a working business is the desire to speed up the licensing process.

Firstly, a ready-made business in Dubai does not involve opening a bank account. The account is already open.

Hence, there is no need to spend a huge amount of time collecting documents to present to the bank. The only thing you have to do is negotiate with the potential seller about the value of the company or other business. You have to be very careful when negotiating with Arab entrepreneurs. They always try to take the conversation in their own direction. Arabs never give a negative answer right away. They are always willing to compromise and close the deal. But if you hear Arab businessmen tell you that they “want to give it some thought” or that “it takes a little time”, you will probably not be the owner of the business you want to buy.

Any use of the material is only allowed with this hyperlink. Without understanding the peculiarities of doing business in the Arab Emirates, buying a business can be a mistake. SORP Group is an expert in the valuation and processing of ready-made business and has prepared materials based on our practice.

What steps should be taken to buy a business in the UAE?

  1. Choose a type of activity;
  2. Choose a field where you will develop your business;
  3. Choose the banks you want to work with;
  4. Send us an enquiry.

Due to the Emirates’ location at the crossroads of trade routes in the Middle East, business activity in Dubai and other emirates are particularly strong. The majority of entrepreneurs in the UAE are nationals of other countries. And due to the fact that citizenship cannot be obtained in the Emirates, at some point in time, businessmen decide to sell their existing business in the Emirates and go on a well-deserved indefinite holiday. Sometimes other circumstances also influence the decision to sell a business in the UAE. Ultimately, there are a large number of entrepreneurs in the Emirates who wish to sell their often quite successful, profitable, and lucrative business in Dubai or another emirate. However, the number of companies for sale is just as high as the demand for profitable businesses – many are interested in buying a ready-made business in Dubai and not having to spend the time and effort to set up from scratch. Similarly, in search of additional investment options, clients turn to us to find a ready-made business in the UAE to buy. For our part, we provide all necessary assistance in both the sale and purchase of companies and businesses.

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