How to open a visa to Hungary

How to open a visa to Hungary

Following the path of other countries worldwide, authorities in Hungary imposed entry bans and other restrictions, at the very beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, as part of their efforts to prevent a surge in the number of infections. However, despite the restrictions, there are some general exemptions applied.

Who Can Travel to Hungary?

According to the European Union official website, citizens who fall under the following categories are not required to follow entry requirements, regardless of their citizenship:

  • * Persons who have recovered from the virus in the past months from the date of entry
  • * Persons who obtain a Hungarian immunity document and their accompanying minor children, if they travel together
  • * Holders of immunity documents approved by authorities in Hungary based on unilateral or bilateral agreements, and their accompanying minor children, in case, that they travel together
  • * Persons who arrive in Hungary through land borders with Serbia, except the entry by civil aircraft
  • * Crossing the border for freight traffic or with a diplomatic passport, service and seaman’s passport

“Travellers fulfilling one of the criteria mentioned above do not need any permission, nor prior PCR tests in order to enter Hungary, they do not need to go into isolation, and their length of stay is not limited,” the statement clarifies.

Earlier this month, the Hungarian Gazette announced that since August 7, travellers from several territories worldwide would be eligible to travel to Hungary, provided that they present a negative result of the PCR test when flying to the country.

The same source revealed that passengers reaching Hungary from the following countries are allowed to enter if they meet the testing requirement:

  • * European Union and Schengen Area Member States
  • * All territories mentioned in the decree of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs concurring with the Ministry of Public Security
  • * Israel
  • * Albania
  • * Azerbaijan
  • * Bahrain
  • * Canada
  • * Kazakhstan
  • * Kyrgyzstan
  • * Montenegro
  • * North Macedonia
  • * Russia
  • * Serbia
  • * United Kingdom
  • * United States
  • * Turkey
  • * Uzbekistan
  • * Ukraine
  • * United Arab Emirates
  • * China

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