New Visa Rules UAE

New Visa Rules UAE 2022

Today new visa rules will come into effect in the UAE:

  • People who cancel residency visas will be given a six-month grace period to stay in the country. Previously, only a month was given.
  • The new visas include a standard 60-day entry permit (instead of 30) and a five-year multi-entry tourist visa that allows visitors to stay in the country for up to 90 consecutive days.
  • Five-year green visas for skilled workers, freelancers and the self-employed will be introduced, as well as an entry visa to find work for degree holders that does not require a sponsor or host.
  • Parents can sponsor their male children up to the age of 25 (starting at 18). This will allow them to stay in the UAE after school and university.
  • The Golden Visa initiative will also be expanded. Qualified professionals with a salary of 30,000+ dirhams ($8,100) per month will have an easier time getting a visa for 10 years.
  • The authorities also unveiled a new version of the UAE passport with improved security features.

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