Restaurant in Al Ain closed for non-compliance with sanitary norms

Taj Al Manar restaurant, located in Al-Khayer district of Al-Ain, has been closed by the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (Adafsa) for endangering public health.

Officials said the closure was due to repeated violations of conditions and requirements related to health and food safety. Three high-risk violation notices were issued to the establishment for poor hygiene in the dining room and kitchen.

These violations included lack of hygiene during food preparation, poor food storage, throwing food on the floor, presence of insects on the premises, and lack of cleanliness in the facility as a whole.
The administrative closure order will remain in effect until the violations are corrected and the restaurant has met the necessary food safety requirements to ensure public safety.
All food service establishments are subject to periodic inspections by agency inspectors for food safety compliance, Adafsa said in a statement.

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