UAE ranked among top 3 countries with the best digital services

UAE ranked among top 3 countries with the best digital services

According to a new study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group, the UAE ranked third in the world for the adoption and delivery of digital government services, as well as the growth in their importance.
The UAE is one of the top three countries in the world for digital government services, highlighting the country’s accelerated digital transformation, aiming to create a $140 billion digital economy by 2031.

According to a new study released by the Boston Consulting Group on Thursday, the UAE ranked No. 3 in the world for digital government service adoption and delivery, as well as greater implications for emerging digital services.
The UAE, which has set a goal of doubling the digital economy’s contribution to GDP from 9.7% to over 20% by 2031, ranked in the top quintile among all countries in the study in terms of superior digital government services meeting high standards set by residents, with a net 79% satisfaction rate.

The Dubai Digital Economy Chamber, one of three chambers operating under the auspices of Dubai Chambers, released a report detailing plans for the emirate’s digital economy ambitions as part of its efforts to strengthen Dubai’s digital economy ecosystem and achieve Dubai Economic Program (D33) goals.

“A relevant regional example of personalization is the UAE’s digital platform, DubaiNow, which integrates 120+ government services that enable customization and notification of important events and deadlines.”

“Artificial intelligence, like the digital identifier, as a tool to increase personalization and proactivity, will become more prevalent in the future of digital government services. As artificial intelligence becomes a $118.6 billion industry by 2025, the UAE is stepping up its initiatives to drive market growth as part of a nationwide strategy adopted in 2017.”

“The UAE must continue to track the changing needs of people while innovating and investing in technology that improves efficiency, benefits the community and, most importantly, benefits residents and the public.”

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