A new online platform in the court system

A new online platform in the court system

The UAE has launched a new unified digital platform that will link federal courts with local courts in a project that includes data merging and court cases.
The project, which is still underway, will be activated in the last quarter of 2022, the UAE minister of justice said.
The digital court system is being developed at the national level through the Judicial Coordination Council.

He also said that the ministry is preparing to introduce specialized training courses for family counselors through its Judicial Training Institute.
The minister’s comments came after Aisha Muhammad Al Mulla, chair of the FNC Committee on Constitutional and Legislative Affairs and Appeals, presented her committee’s report on the challenges facing family counseling, including the lack of uniform professional license requirements for family counselors, and recommendations to FNC members.
The report also highlighted the lack of a comprehensive family counseling strategy at the national level, the lack of a uniform policy for providing services by family counseling centers, differences in some systems for working on family counseling in the courts, and a lack of coordination between the Department of Justice and other stakeholders.

The Justice Secretary noted that he agreed with the committee’s report regarding the lack of a comprehensive family guidance strategy. However, he noted that through the ministry’s judicial coordinating council at the national level, the committee’s recommendation for a unified, comprehensive family guidance strategy will be adopted after discussion in the judicial council.

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