Carrying sharp tools a criminal offence from 2022

Carrying sharp tools a criminal offense from 2022

Under the UAE’s new penal law, carrying knives, blades, hammers, or any sharp tools is a crime unless required in certain professions.

The new provision comes as part of the Federal Decree-Law no. 31 of 2021, effective since January 2, 2022.

Dr. Hasan Elhais, the legal consultant at Al Rowaad Advocates, said previously, people found in possession of sharp weapons did not face a criminal offense unless the tools were used to commit a crime.

The new law, however, criminalizes carrying sharp objects that may pose a threat to public safety. The only condition where it is permissible to carry sharp tools is if the holder’s profession requires their use. Such professions include butchery, carpentry, and plumbing.

Article 405 of the Penal Law stipulates that people caught in possession of a tool that injures, cuts, pierces, smashes, punctures, or stabs without a reason related to their professional activity shall face jail and/or fine for posing a threat to public safety.

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