Dubai has abolished the wearing of masks in the street

Dubai has abolished the wearing of masks in the street

Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters committee has approved the removal of EDE scanners and requirements for green pass to enter Abu Dhabi emirate from within the UAE, effective Monday, 28 February, 2022. Green pass will still be required to enter public spaces in Abu Dhabi.

The decision follows positive indicators signalling the recovery phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, supported by the community’s commitment to preventive measures.
Dubai authorities have allowed people to remove masks in the street.
The Dubai authorities have eased the mask regime for residents and guests of the emirate – from February 26, 2022. According to the report of the National Authority for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management, masks are no longer compulsory in the street, but indoors the mask regime remains.

The agency specified that since February 26, quarantine measures have also been lifted for those who have had contact with COVID-19-infected persons in the absence of symptoms of infection. International passengers arriving in Dubai will be required to show vaccination certificates containing a QR code upon arrival.

Travelers who have not been vaccinated will still be required to show results of PCR tests done no earlier than 48 hours prior to their flight, or COVID-19 certificates with a QR code obtained no earlier than 30 days prior to their flight.

As previously reported, the United Arab Emirates (meaning the rest of the UAE emirates) will do away with the mandatory wearing of masks on the streets from March 1, 2022, the Supreme National Security Council announced. In all areas, including schools and shopping malls, the mask regime will remain in place.

In addition, quarantine measures are being relaxed: mandatory quarantine for people who have come into close contact with a COVID-19 infected person will be abolished. Now such people will undergo two PCR tests at intervals of 48 hours within five days after exposure in order to continue leading a social life.

It is worth noting that these are the most significant loosening of quarantine measures since April 2020, which is actually since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

Abu Dhabi authorities will no longer ask for PCR test results for those entering the capital by car from other emirates – from February 28, 2022. It is noted that the rule of social distancing will be abolished in enclosed spaces, including tourist sites.

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