Fines for retail outlets

Fines for retail outlets

UAE Public Prosecution warns of penalties against employees who leak details of investigations
Individuals who may be privy to court proceedings because of the nature of their work are expected to keep all information confidential
The UAE authorities on Friday reiterated that disclosing information from legal cases is a crime punishable by stiff penalties.

In a tweet, the UAE Public Prosecution reminded that all details related to investigations and ensuing findings shall be kept strictly confidential.

Public prosecution staff, clerks, assistants, experts, and any other individual who may be privy to matters in court are prohibited from sharing any information, the authority said in an advisory. Hefty penalties shall be imposed on violators.

“Evidence collection reports shall be treated with the same confidentiality stipulated in a subclause of Article 67 of the Criminal Procedures Code issued by Federal Decree-Law No. 38 of 2022,” it added.

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