How to register a tourist marriage in the UAE

How to register a tourist marriage in the UAE

Now you don’t have to be a Muslim or UAE resident to get married there. Abu Dhabi has amended the marriage law to make room for civil marriages. The UAE boasts one of the largest populations of expats. This law takes into account more than 88 percent of residents who are foreign nationals.

And the best part? Even tourists can now get married in Abu Dhabi. We’re sure there will be plenty of destination weddings on Yas Island in 2022!

What does Abu Dhabi’s new law change?

The Civil Marriage and Divorce Law regulates marriage, divorce, child custody and inheritance for expats, non-residents and tourists, regardless of religion.

People can also apply for marriage in Abu Dhabi without being in the UAE.

  • The law eliminated the requirement of family consent for a woman to marry. Weddings will now be solemnized at the will of the partners. The provision of witnesses is also abolished.
  • They will no longer be required to attend reconciliation sessions or prove that any harm has been done.
  • In the event of a divorce, the financial settlement will depend on the financial situation of the partners, the years of marriage, and the age of the wife.
  • Spouses will get joint custody of the children unless one partner proves that it is not in the best interest of the child.

A civil court has been established in Abu Dhabi to address these issues. Court hearings will be bilingual or entirely in English, if the parties so request.

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