How to resist the rise in rents in UAE

How to resist the rise in rents in UAE

As the economy recovers from the pandemic and property prices rise in Dubai, renters say they are facing significant rent increases.

In some of the emirate’s most popular areas, rents have risen 20 percent since prices dropped during the pandemic.

What the Dubai Rent Act Says – Know Your Rights

Article 10 of the Dubai Rent Act states, “Rera has the right to set criteria regarding the percentage of rent increases in the emirate as required by the prevailing economic situation in the emirate.”

Based on the above, you can check the rental price of your apartment by using the Rera rent calculator on the Dubai Land Department website.

If you find that the rent for a similar apartment in your area is less than what your real estate company is offering when you renew your lease, or if the percentage of the rent increase is higher than that indicated by the calculator, you can contact your real estate agent and mention that the rent increase offer given to you when you renew your lease is high.
If the rent is increased, the landlord must give the tenant ninety days’ notice of the rent increase. The landlord may not increase the rent unless notice has been given to the tenant within this mandatory period. In addition, the rent increase must be justified in light of the applicable percentage of increase as set forth in this Article. If the landlord does not comply with these provisions, the tenant has the right to refuse the rent increase. In addition, the tenant must file a complaint with the Rent Dispute Resolution Center (RDSC) if an amicable settlement is not possible.

Useful Tips for Lowering Rent

  • Do as much research as possible. According to real estate experts, it’s a good idea to know the area and get a clear picture of the neighborhood you want to live in before contacting a broker.
  • Start looking at properties closer to your move-in date.
  • Negotiate with fewer checks
  • If you can afford to pay the entire year in advance, the landlord is more likely to agree to a lower price.
  • Don’t procrastinate. It’s important that tenants understand the notice period for renewal leases.
  • Consider non-financial concessions
  • If the landlord insists on keeping the rent he or she specified, tenants can ask during negotiations for other incentives, such as waiver of commissions, rent-free periods, more frequent check payments and longer contracts.
  • Find a good agent and be honest with them.

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