Third party car usage

Third Party car usage

If  the person is going back to his come country and wants  to return back to the UAE in a year, will it be possible to retain the car under his/her name even without a resident visa?

If a third party uses the car, will the owner be held liable for fines or other traffic offences when he will come back?

Let’s assume the car is registered in Dubai with the Road and Transport Authority (the RTA).

In response to this question, it may be noted that an individual may continue having vehicles registered under his or her name, while residing outside the UAE and not having a residence visa.

The vehicle is to be maintained and kept in conformity with the applicable laws of the UAE. For instance, the vehicle must not cause any form of obstruction to anyone, it must not be in an abandoned condition and it must not be driven with an expired registration and without insurance coverage, to name a few.

Regarding usage of car by friends and any other third party, the owner will be responsible for the payment of all vehicle registration costs, parking fees, toll fees and fines, traffic and parking fines.

He is liable to pay the applicable fines for traffic violations such as driving the vehicle beyond the permitted speed limits;  vehicle in a dangerous manner; not giving way to pedestrians; obstructing the free flow of traffic; and parking the vehicle in undesignated areas, to name a few.

Should the vehicle be involved in an accident, owner may be liable to pay the compensation amount through his/her vehicle’s insurance policy.

The other advise is the cancellation of the vehicle with the RTA, whereby the vehicle is delisted from the traffic system either by issuing an ownership certificate or a transfer certificate or an export certificate. The owner may contact the RTA for further clarifications. When he/she is back and renew the resident status, he/she can make registration again on their name.

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