Comments On Amendments To Employment Law

Comments On Amendments To Employment Law

To continue “New law on labour relations in UAE” article.

Different work categories

The new law will apply to different work categories including full-time, part-time, temporary, and flexible work among other categories.

The executive regulations of the law, which the ministry is currently working on, will lay out the responsibilities of both parties in each category.

This article of the law aims to attract talents and competencies from all over the world. And we’ll gladly help you to get a working visa, do all the paperwork and other judicial procedures.

Judicial fee exemptions

The decree-law will exempt workers from judicial fees in all stages of litigation and execution, and requests submitted by workers or their heirs with a value that does not exceed Dh100,000.

Protection against bullying and sexual harassment

The law stipulates that the employer may not use any means of force against employees or use a penalty threat to provide a service against their will.

It also prohibits sexual harassment, bullying, or any verbal, physical or psychological violence against workers by their superiors or colleagues.

Probation period

Any type of discrimination on the basis of race, colour, sex, religion, nationality or disability is strictly prohibited under the new decree law, with special aims to empower women in the workplace.

3-year contract

The decree-law specifies one type of contract, which is a limited contract that does not exceed a period of three years. The contract is renewable for the same period, or a lesser period, upon the agreement of both parties.

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